Marketing Management
Process Consultancy

• Collaborate with stakeholders focusing on their system to determine causes for performance gaps and identifies developmental solutions in an attempts to improve organizational effectiveness. Helping an organizaton with strategic planning to guide them from their current state to their desired state/vision.

• Assisting companies to streamline, analyze, and transform the way they do business. The goal is to cut costs, increase profits, and provide a better experience for both staff and customers.

Working with business models from startups to medium sized and big brands, with a good focus on:


Establishing new market

High cost per acquisition

Social Media marketing

SEO and Organic traffic

Technical situations

About Us

Kenycorb, is in the business of giving superior services that are highly effective in niche marketing of goods and services, and the provision of consultancy services in organizational / institutional health, focusing on the business challenges and evaluating result oriented strategies.

Company established in May 1998
Number/Type of customers

Dealing with all the major channels (Game, Shoprite, Marina), medium size supermarkets, fuel marts, Hotels and community shops with stockists in all the regional capitals who purchase on wholesale and retail to their customers thereon, making the clientele base very large. We also have links with other big supplychain players and commercial partners in the West African regional markets, making business synergy easy.


We understand the goods/services marketing and the redistribution business and are very effective in what we do. We know the business terrain, channels and the decision makers in the various markets. We have partners in Europe and Africa and represent their business interests effectively.

Warehousing and Distribution Fleet

We have an exceIlent warehousing space and a good number of distribution fleets and the use of third party haulage facilities.

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